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Taught by Shaykh Yahya

It’s most read, most explained, and most loved.
But the one critical message is continuously being ignored.
To many, Surat Maryam is a pair of miraculous stories between parent and son, and sometimes a Da’wah talking point with Christians.

BUT there’s something deeper that impacts you directly in every part of your life today. It’s the ONE THING grossly lacking in our societies.

Unpacking Surat Maryam for the world today

What is the one fundamental ingredient
to your relationship with Allah, society and your inner being?

What do you feel is missing from raising the quality of your intentions, Duas, actions
and speech, your relationships, and your ability to resist temptation?

The answer is in the meaning of “Maryam” itself.


Imagine the possibilities...

...when you become purified...

  • When you ask Allah with the conviction of Zakariyah...
  • When you trust Allah with the heart of Maryam...
  • When you advise your family with the speech of ‘Isaa...
  • When you seek guidance for others with the wisdom of Ibrahim...
  • When you encounter challenges with the steadfastness of Prophets & Messengers...
  • When you prepare for the Afterlife with the certainty of sight...
  • When you handle the question of “Jesus” with eloquence of Quran...
  • When Quran plays out LIVE in every day of your life...

Venue & Parking

Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College, Reevy Rd, West Reevy Avenue, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD6 3PX

Registration & Arrival

Please aim to arrive for 6PM for registration and the course will begin promptly at 7PM.

For Saturday and Sunday, please aim to arrive for 9:30AM for registration and the class will begin promptly at 10AM inshaa'Allah.

  • Children aged 8 and below are free to attend.
  • Children aged 9 and above must enroll on the course.
  • Parent and toddler area is available, please contact.
Complimentary tea, coffee, juice and biscuits are available throughout the day.
There will also be stalls selling snacks, books, merchandise, cards etc.
For students: You will be provided with a course binder and wristband. (Loss of wristband will incur a £1 charge for a new one)

Numerous CashPoint facilities are available around the BD6 area,
please click below for a list of them.


Travel By Car

Parking is available and free within the school grounds. On entry through the school gates please turn left or right into the car parks. Several spaces are available immediately outside the school for blue badge holders however these are limited. users of the car park do so at their own risk.

Travel By Bus

Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College is on the 640 route

Travel By Taxi

Travel by Taxi: A reputable taxi firm is Girlington All Over.
Tel 01274 488595.
Ask for Buttershaw College, BD6 3PX

Family Discount

Family discounts are available for family members of 3 or more

each for family of


each for family of


each for family of

Or for group discounts of 10 people or more, this is reduced to £47 each

Please be aware family discounts only apply to immediate family members only and if a family member fails to attend the course, the full price may be applied.

To apply, please email all family members names and email addresses to:

Apply Now

Qabeelat Mass raise funds through selling books and merchandise, and from generous donations from individuals, to support students under financial constraints.

PURIFIED A STUDY OF SURAT MARYAM is a single weekend course at a cost of £59. Course fees will reduce to £30 for successful applicants.

Please hurry as we have a limited number of scholarship places, and applicants will be considered on a first come first serve basis.

Jazak'Allah Khair,

Sister Razia
Head of Registration

Free entry for Huffadh of Quran and family discounts available.

Please fill out the information below to apply.
Have you applied for a Scholarship in Bradford before? *

Conditions and Requirements*

  1. Must attend course in full
  2. Must sit exam
  3. Must be punctual
  4. Only one application per household

Once a scholarship application is made the contract becomes binding. If granted, scholarships are non transferrable and non refundable.

Please ensure you have enrolled for the course before applying for a scholarship.

I understand that funds are limited and an amanah (trust) and by accepting the scholarship I am potentially taking from someone else who may be in more need. I testify to the best of my knowledge that
as Allah SWT as my Witness I truly need a scholarship to be able to attend.

If you are successful in your scholarship application, the option for paying the reduced fee will become available online. We will no longer be taking cash payments on the day

AlMaghrib Institute provides the 'Honoring the Huffadh' program which basically means you can apply to take a free class, once every year. The key here is that you have to apply for this scholarship, so this is not a guarantee!!

However, since it is a viable option for people who have memorized the Qur'an, We do recommend that you take advantage of it and at least submit the application for the Huffadh scholarship.

There are 2 key things to this process:

Application Process

Download the Honoring The Huffadh application form

Complete the Student Information section about yourself

Complete the Seminar Information section about the seminar your want free

Complete the Verification Information section about your hifdh and a signature from your teacher or Imam

Email the form, by scanning both pages , to registrar@almaghrib.org no laterthan 14 daysbefore the seminar begins


In order for us to have enough time to submit all of the forms, the deadline to get everything to us is 2 weeks before the scheduled seminar date.

Reference /Verification

Also, please make sure to find someone with a credible title to fill out the scholarship application. AlMaghrib HQ asks that it be the Imam or the Administrationof the Huffadh program who can vouch that the student is indeed a Hafidh, so just make sure you find someone at your masjid who is part of the Admin, but the Imam, Teacher or Assistant Imam of the masjid would be ideal, inshaa' Allah.

Looking for nice, cheap accomodation?

We may have some pre-booked rooms available.

First come, first serve basis!

Book through the following websites and get the best rates!

Masjid accomodation is also available for brother if needed

Bradford has a great variety of great places to eat, suitable for a range of budgets.

Below are some of our favourites for the evening.

Generic placeholder image

British/Asian cusine Central Location with on street parking, No Alcohol

Offers both Restaurant & Takeaway service

52 Great Horton Road, BD71AL Phone: 01274 521 732 Price- Medium

Learn More
Generic placeholder image

Fast Food Located all across Bradford, delivery available

346 Great Horton Road, BD71QJ Phone: 01274 574 164 Price- Low

Learn More
Generic placeholder image
Cafe Patisserie

Deli/Cafe A personal favourite, with a great variety of dishes Onsite parking available.

93 Barkerend Rd, Bradford BD3 9AA Phone: 01274 737815 Price- Low/Medium

Learn More
Generic placeholder image
Woody Joe's

Stone baked pizzas (highly recommended). burgers and grills.

Open: 3.30pm to late.

368/370 Leeds Rd, Bradford BD3 9QX Phone: 01274 013483 Price- Low/Medium

Learn More
Generic placeholder image
Cafe de Akbar

British/Asian cusine Located in Thornbury (east side of Bradford), on site parking, No Alcohol

Booking recommended as busy on weekends.

1422-1424 Leeds Road, BD3 7AE Phone: 01274 664 005 Price- Medium

Learn More
Generic placeholder image

Halal italian fine dinning. Cool and sophisticated. Limited seating, reservations recommended.

Parking available

20 East Parade, Little Germany, BD15HD Phone: 01274 727747 Price- High

Learn More
Generic placeholder image
Romeo's Diner

New York Italian style diner. Serves 'build your own' burgers, steaks, pizza & pasta, as well as desserts.

Limited parking available.

Very busy on a weekend, so bookings recom-mended. No alcohol.

HMC Approved 353 Great Horton Road, BD7 3BZ

Learn More
Generic placeholder image
Buffalo Grill House

New Steakhouse & Burger restaurant Central Location.

Parking available nearby.

72-76 Thornton Road, BD1 2DG Phone: 01274 73800 Price- Medium

Learn More

You have 60 days from Mon 07th October to sit and complete the exam for our previous course, Prophet’s ﷺ homecoming . You can take the exam at any time between now and Thu 05th December.




Online, anytime between

AM to PM

After 60 days the exam will no longer be available to take and if you need to take the exam after this date, please submit a deferral form prior to the exam deadline to exam@almaghrib.org.

To take your exam please do the following:

  1. Log into your MyAlMaghrib portal at my.almaghrib.org
  2. Click on Exams from the Menu bar
  3. Click Go next to the exam you want to take
  4. Exams are available from midnight Mon Oct 07th till 11:59pm Dec 05th 2019.

To submit a deferral request, please do the following:

  1. Log into your MyAlMaghrib portal at my.almaghrib.org
  2. Click on Exams from the Menu bar
  3. Click Defer next to the exam you want to defer. Fill out the form that pops up: provide a reason for your deferral request and select the date you would like to take your exam from the calendar.
  4. Please make sure your deferral requests are submitted before the exam deadline.

If you encounter any technical issues, please contact exam@almaghrib.org

We run a regular soup kitchen for the homeless in Bradford.
We provide delicious meals and hot drinks, donate to their foodbank and collect unwanted clothes for distribution to the homeless.

So, who funds us?

The simple answer is, you do.
We raise funds through selling merchandise and books at AlMaghrib courses and from generous contributions from wellwishers like you. Every helper is an unpaid volunteer...
Our Soup Kitchen has also been kindly sponsored.

'How Can I get involved?'

  1. We ask you to make Dua
  2. Help cook
  3. Raise awareness and
  4. Help financially
  5. Sponsor us

Who cares?

We do. Our Islamic values extend to humanity, not just to Muslims. We also pack and distribute first aid and essential toiletries to the homeless on the streets of Bradford.

Soup Kitchen

Soup + Bread

Onion Bhajis

Polaao Rice

Our soup kitchen starts serving at 7 pm.

Pictures & Videos

Snapshots of Previous Courses...Enjoy!